February 22, 2009

je suis petite alors j'adore les chaussures ultra-hautes

FRvoguejuinjuill0701.jpg vogue paris rachel zoe 01 picture by grkid
FRvoguejuinjuill0702.jpg vogue paris rachel zoe 02 picture by grkid

Vogue Paris juin/juillet 2007. 

I find Rachel Zoe quite inspiring. her show on arena was more interesting than I ever thought it would be and I fell in love with her assistant taylor's style. more about that to come.
I think Ms Zoe is the only person in the world apart from the Olsen sisters to look that good in a full-length kaftan. no one else could ever pull it off like that.

February 19, 2009


IMG_4954.jpg n2 picture by grkid

I found this ring in a little round box on my nightstand yesterday. I didn't remember I had it. it's a beloved, treasured item as it used to belong to my mother's sister, now deceased. it used to be my favourite as a kid but I somehow just forgot about it.
I'm glad I found it now.

February 17, 2009

poney honey money

gina tricot, 24,90 eur
these leggings are such a weird piece of clothing. they're all black, part normal jersey, part vinyl and part 80's gym legging fabric. they just make people stare at my legs.
ps I made A-W-E-S-O-M-E chlorine wash leggings today après travail, they're crazy. I'll try to get photos of them tomorrow when there's some light and post some photos.

February 16, 2009

helsinki not hellsinki like they say

only now that I've been away have I come to realize the beauty of the city I live and have lived in for 18 years.  and oh boy, the architecture. 
I could walk around the city just gaping at the stunning buildings bathing in the February sunlight, and it gets even better in the summer time. 
that's why I constantly have a smile on my face during the warm, sunny months. 
I kind of miss those days.