November 30, 2009

square head

yet again a big necklace....... I never seem to get enough of them. after I saw this one in the Finnish Trendi magazine I knew I had to get it. materialism at the purest. I don't care.

IMG_6734.jpg picture by grkid

November 22, 2009


image source the streethearts

November 20, 2009

en värld utan män

dolce&gabbana face wedges.
I've completely fallen for chunky black suede wedges that are everywhere right now but these shoes are something beyond that. there's something very picasso-esque in them and no matter how many people say they dislike them I have to admit I find them oddly compelling and wish they could be a part of my wardrobe.

November 17, 2009

cubic crosses


yet another outfit I wouldn't mind throwing on....
I booked flights to Australia last week and I'm super super ecstatic. I'm only going in July when the university entry exams are over but it's still nice to have a 7-week holiday filled with shopping and seeing old friends coming up!

leather jacket helmut lang bag surface to air dress SZ series boots acne bracelet alex&chloe glasses random

November 16, 2009


I've been going crazy over all kinds of necklaces. I don't really wear necklaces too often but I do find a good necklace an easy way to make a plain outfit more interesting. 

necklaces and earrings with cross charms have been all over the internet this autumn. a cross is not a symbol of belief or religion for me but somehow I seem to have fallen hard for the trend... so far I haven't had the courage to actually get a multi-cross necklace, but the alex&chloe necklace below is gorgeous! maybe I should make my own version with plus signs or something?

ALEXNECKLACES01.jpg picture by grkid
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November 15, 2009

black caves

I confess. I am a big admirer of Kate Lanphear's personal style. she's wearing the coolest statement necklace I've ever seen. who knew a simple chunky silver chain could look so good?? I randomly found a very similar one on kabiri made by Ben Amun. it's leather so it might be lighter than the one ms Lanphear has but it's still too much for a student's budget...


fish fish

IMG_6695.jpg picture by grkid
 I remember I admired this necklace a few years back when my friend wore it a lot
//now she no longer liked it so she gave it to me. 

November 14, 2009


satumets.jpg picture by grkidsatumets.jpg picture by grkidsatumets.jpg picture by grkid
satumetsä plates designed for iittala by klaus haapaniemi

November 5, 2009

capricorns are notoriously stubborn


some serious outfit inspiration, courtesy of stylesightings