April 29, 2009

I'm off to paris for a long, hopefully refreshing weekend far from worries.
a bientôt!

April 25, 2009

seven chains and a pink pony

I used to think that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the two most overrated women in the whole fashion industry. my mind changed when I saw the commercial for their collection, the row, styled by Vanessa Traina.
the next step to fully accepting those two blondes was their book influence which happens to be the number one book in my need-to-have list. and now that I saw the following photos of their line called elizabeth&james, there's no doubt about it. those girls are here to stay, they are influential and aspirational,
and I love the simplicity of these clothes and the black and white and the blazers and tanks and the buns of hair.

elizabethandjames01.jpg picture by grkid
elizabethandjames2.jpg picture by grkid
elizabethandjames5.jpg picture by grkid

it's exactly what I need for the long summer that's ahead.
photos from here

scherzi o no?

cardi rick owens tank acne clutch maje shoes acne

had the worst night of my life last night,
I'm off to the backyard to do some drawing and sunbathing and planning a bank robbery to get some much-needed moneyy...

ps I apologize for the fonts and font sizes, blogger is being a bitch

April 22, 2009


I recently noticed that living without a bag resembling the black suede zara one with silver chains (the one that sold out immediately) is not enjoyable.
so I went to the local hardware store to pick up some chains and oh what joy it was! screws and nails and all these little things that I never even knew I needed. 
my mom thought I was out of my mind.

anyway I got what I went in there for, I only need the black pleather now. those bastardos at eurokangas didn't have any and I don't know where to get real leather from. all Finns, please do tell me if you happen to know.

I am totally broke, sorry about the complaints but it's the worst time possible considering the paris trip is a week away. I just suck suck suck at saving money.
visited the new beamhill today and it was big and white and awesome and they had the best vibskov laptop sleeves and a gorgeous dove grey knit from won hundred, 
I need a freaking job.

IMG_5221.jpg picture by grkid
chains k-rauta

April 20, 2009

la sabbia brucia

the past weekend was quite an extraordinary one.
friday night was long, and saturday morning I walked home all alone, but instead of the usual quiet it was deafening. 
the blackbirds just sang and sang and I couldn't go to bed at all.
I feel like I actually remembered why I love life so much for the first time this year.
the rest of the weekend was filled with great wine and special people, reunions, newfound faith in myself, sunshine, shopping and a beautiful movie (the reader--I strongly recommend) in the most stunning movie theater in helsinki. 

I have to admit that I also got a new pair of shoes even though I swore I wouldn't. bye bye money, hello being broke in the (supposedly) best city in the world 
(can't wait....ladurée, cafés, champs-élysées, lots of black clothes and heels in the suitcase, some vintage shopping, colette.)

IMG_5215.jpg picture by grkid

I'm not liking the highly materialistic contents of this blog and I promise to the few of you (or at least myself) that there will be a change. I'll try to talk about something else than just spending.

can one make new year's resolutions almost four months after new year's? I think mine should have been:
learn to walk in high heels with pride and dignity.

April 15, 2009


I saw a pair of shoes, fell hard for them but wasn't quite sure I wanted them. 
however, a month went by and I couldn't stop drooling at them whenever I saw them. they had to be mine. thank you mother.

they are the only pair of shoes I intend to get for the summer. I realized I don't need any more.
(unless paris has very very magnifique shoes to offer)

IMG_5197.jpg micro picture by grkid

my own lack of motivation is driving me insane. there is about a zillion things to do (get a job for summer, study for french exam, catch up on ignored maths exercises, go jogging, get a life) but instead I just sit at home watching muumit when I'm not in school. for the whole five-day easter vacation I just laid in bed, watched movies and ate. 
now I feel bloated and bored and ugly and even the spring sun can't wake me up from this coma-like state of mind. 
I want to flee, be free. have little spontaneous moments and sit on eteläespa drinking a café esplanad latte and hear the blackbirds sing in the forest in the evening. sit and watch people passing by, have a happy smile on my face. 

April 8, 2009

flow flow flow

flow festival '09///ladyhawke/new young pony club/roots manuva/lily allen/
rubik/le corps mince de francoise/yann tiersen

the best thing is that all those great artists are just the beginning!
check www.flowfestival.com

April 7, 2009

oh justin bobby

no comments on the two first episodes of season five of the hills,
I just wanted to say that justin bobby looks incredibly good in black!
photos mtv.com

April 4, 2009

nights in white satin

it looks as though the spring is getting everyone out of their shells. I've seen so many familiar faces in town this week that I almost lost track of who I really know and who I don't. following people's everyday life on the Internet is savage. 
I've noticed a change in myself and my moods. waking up to the blackbirds' tunes is luxury. walking on the street without slipping is luxury. sunlight is luxury. long live the four seasons.

I thought I hated spring but I don't after all. how could I even? 

IMG_5073.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5083.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_4478.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5093.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5079.jpg hole in the head picture by grkid
IMG_5089.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5091.jpg 711 picture by grkid
IMG_5092.jpg braids picture by grkid
lego pirate necklace from australia, lipstick make up store, braided headband gina tricot

hullut päivät, stockmann's sale days, were on as well this week. the only things I got from there were the gorgeous prawn caesar salad they make, a box of brunbergin suukot as a gift to a friend and a pair of underwear. the number of people in the department store was a bit too much for me.

now I'm off to pamper myself: some face masks, asparagus and fresh tuna, movies, sauna and music by the moody blues