December 24, 2010


/// and a happy new year. 
I'll be back in 2011.

December 23, 2010

I keep a close watch

//wishful thinking for tomorrow's outfit; hunting for the last Christmas presents in the overcrowded city. I've never really been one to plan things ahead of time.

//knit sweater rag&bone pants zero+maria cornejo boots beau coops specs cutler and gross

December 20, 2010

shadows of the mess you made

//acne resort 2011/images from acne's fb
//sometimes seeing men's fashion makes me wish I were male.

December 13, 2010

tiger mountain peasant song

//shoes by rachel comey//dieppa restrepo//christophe lemare

December 11, 2010

tell me anything you want, any lie will do


//after looking at leather totes for a long time, after never finding the perfect size or colour or price, I decided to make one myself. 
finding the leather wasn't easy, neither was sewing the thick leather with a normal household sewing machine. 
anyway, here's how my bag turned out. I'm very happy. 
the leather is slightly too soft for this purpose though, so if I ever attempted to make a sturdy leather tote again I would have to go for a waxy, sturdy leather instead of this one. 
needless to say, they didn't have that where I bought my leather, but whatever. 
tiny, insignificant details. 
all that matters is that it looks good, is made by me and fits everything I need. and has a spacious side pocket with a zipper.
what do you think?

ragged wood


//the most perfect blazer in the world, perhaps?
blazers, unfortunately, are out of the question as of late. I wish a beautiful blanket of fresh white snow wasn't a synonym to -22 degrees celsius. it's kind of hard to wear anything resembling to a blazer at these temperatures.

//photos lagarconne

December 4, 2010

don't I know you better than the rest

sweater t by alexander wang pants rag & bone keyring mmm line11 boots mmm line22

//really simple black clothes+nude/beige suede boots with a chunky rubber heel+the most beautiful keyring I've ever seen. I always lose track of the whereabouts of my keys, this would be goood.

November 25, 2010


//amazing colours/backstage at cacharel, costume national, dries van noten & brioni

//those shoes are why I love dries.
images via dansk

November 21, 2010

the end's not near it's here


an addition to my not-very-extensive artwork collection on my walls. a poster from the 2007 Venice biennale that I finally framed.
02 my relatively new boots from vagabond, already beaten by the formerly muddy, now just snowy streets of Oulu, I see.

October 22, 2010

I don't know what I'm living for but I know that I just want to live some more

ijustwanttolivesomemore.jpg picture by grkid

//sweater rick owens beanie alexander wang boots acne bag hope sthlm coat cacharel

I have finally rediscovered my interest in clothing and fashion. me and clothing, we've been having a bit of a row.

October 21, 2010

the logic that I knew

blackandwhitethursday.jpg picture by grkid

bernhard willhelm pants phi tank top the row perfume byredo boots acne

October 5, 2010

hello darkness

NS stripe tee menNS long jersy skirtNS long tank dressNS stripe singlet menNS mens style singletNS crop stripe tee

//nathan smith ss10, images courtesy of fat

September 19, 2010

watching the world from the bright side

//closeupandprivate. eye candy at its very best.
I find menswear a whole lot more inspiring than womenswear right now.

September 13, 2010

company's ok but solitude is bliss

I need a spacious bag in my life, right now. I'm tired of carrying my blocks of paper and my tens of different types of pens around in canvas bags.
I finally found this, but it's from the summer 2010 which apparently means it's not in stock anymore. and it's dark blue...
does anyone know where to get something very very similar?
I would sew one myself but am tired of searching for the right kind of leather.

 SS10_ShoppingBag_BlueLeather.jpg picture by grkid
//image courtesy of hope 

August 31, 2010

you will never come close to how I feel

//autumn's here, so am I.
got back from my long long travel, spent a week at home packing up stuff, then moved to a new town to start uni.

IMG_0898-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_0899-1.jpg picture by grkidthis summer I discovered a limited wardrobe to be more inspiring than the usual wide assortment of clothing that hangs in my closet.
at least for me a wide wardrobe means that I stick to the same garments day after day. having fewer pieces, I wore a bigger percentage of them because they were more compatible with each other.
that's why it's refreshing to move to a new town, a new apartment: I now only have garments I really love and need.
plus getting dressed is so much more fun now.

July 19, 2010


blackwednesday.jpg picture by grkid
lately I've been feeling like
black clothes
silver knuckle rings
coin purse necklaces
suede shoes
grandpa pants

//blazer uniqlo beanie&boots rick owens tee t by alexander wang pants acne ring fashionology

July 14, 2010

I knew I had to have her

frgray03.jpg picture by grkidfrgray03.jpg picture by grkidfrgray03.jpg picture by grkidfrgray05.jpg picture by grkid

was eyeing the insane black grosgrain jacket (in the first image) for several months so when I saw the piece of clothing at the new guard for less than half the original price, in my size, looking even better than in images, the last jacket they had, I knew I had to get it.
I got into uni so I guess this was a prize for all the hard work I did in the spring, right?

July 2, 2010

buttoned up or not

gqitaly9-1.jpg picture by grkidgqitaly9-1.jpg picture by grkidgqitaly9-1.jpg picture by grkidgqitaly9-1.jpg picture by grkid

//image GQ Italy