March 31, 2010

bye bye boat

Stockholm was a great mini vacation, now I'm back in Helsinki again stressing over architecture assignments. I never thought getting to finally do something I truly liked would be this difficult. 
the only thing I bought in Stockholm apart from a black American Apparel beanie:

IMG_8472-1.jpg picture by grkid
Scorett's rip offs of the Acne Pistol Short boots.... they only cost about a quarter of the real deal. of course the Acne ones look better and are probably of a much better quality, but they would have kind of blown my budget. 

March 26, 2010

it felt so crystal in the air

vrmelodi.jpg picture by grkid

//sweater monki pants weekday bracelet kabiri wedges s2a

I've been incredibly busy for the past month trying to study for my final exams plus I've stressed over some preliminary exercises for uni architecture so it's practically been hell. the final exam part is totally done now though so this weekend I'm just enjoying the freedom, enjoying that despite the architecture exercises I still haven't started to do I get to do whatever I want now. it feels so good to finally breathe.
I'm also off to Stockholm on Sunday, I'll be back!

March 25, 2010

glass half full of wine

Unisex black denim jacket/cardigan with extra long sleevesUnisex veste/ Scarf knit can be worn in different waysUnisex veste/ skirt/ scarf knit can be worn in different waysUnisex veste/ skirt/ scarf knit can be worn in different ways
clothing by rad hourani, from here

March 19, 2010

tell me to jump

CSMpatchesofnudeandblackfw10.jpg picture by grkid
CSMnudesfw10.jpg picture by grkid
patchwork, black and nude at central saint martins fw2010

March 16, 2010


doesnotequalsdesk1.jpg picture by grkiddoesnotequalsdesk2.jpg picture by grkid
some very inspiring images of does not equal's desk from here

March 10, 2010


IMG_7129.jpg picture by grkid
I want spring, right now.

March 8, 2010


20_complexss1024.jpg picture by grkid20_complexsss1032.jpg picture by grkid20_complexss109.jpg picture by grkid20_complexss1015.jpg picture by grkid20_complexss106.jpg picture by grkid20_complexss1018.jpg picture by grkid
complexgeometries ss10, images from here

March 7, 2010


helmutlangfw10.jpg picture by grkid

helmut lang fw2010
I love all those jackets....

March 4, 2010

it's a pool of boiling wax

IMG_7719-1.jpg picture by grkid

I got my Acne Quartz SB wallet yesterday after a long consideration. I'm happy I hesitated for such a long time though because I actually saved over thirty-five euros by buying the wallet in a Finnish shop instead of the Acne online store. it turns out, the prices in the Acne online store are actually way higher for other countries than Sweden. unfair I say. 
the wallet is perfect, but it is actually quite small! I thought it would be bigger but my passport only just fits inside. that's a good thing though, I finally have to throw some receipts and useless cards out now....

March 2, 2010

sixth sense

IMG_7626.jpg picture by grkid

Helsinki people! I just found out there's an exhibition on M.C.Escher at the Amos Anderson museum opening tomorrow. Escher's one of my favourite artists, check it out!

image from Taschen's book on Escher, taken by me.