July 31, 2009

boots and pleats

loving those cuts. and those haircuts.
the shoes aren't bad either.
to be quite honest this is what my dream wardrobe would look like.

rad by rad hourani, photos jakandjil.

July 27, 2009

geometric necklace

IMG_5959.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5961.jpg picture by grkid

shown above is the latest addition to my necklace collection.
I really kind of do collect necklaces. I very rarely wear them though.
this particular one, however, looks stunning paired with plain black clothes and that's why I love it.

I decided to keep that black blazer by the way. too much of a classic to let it go. 
+ I came across the ugliest pleather jacket of all time yesterday and for some reason tried  it on---it looked great. the price was even greater, 15 euros. I gave up the whole idea of adding any extra things on the blazer lapels, but I think this new black pleather jacket just screams for some additional metal pieces. now all I have to do is find some studs of different sizes. I want small and big pyramids and conical studs and dome studs. does anyone know where to get some in Finland? I'll go and check some random goth shops tomorrow.

ps the necklace idea wasn't mine, I saw it on some blog. can't remember how I got there let alone the name of the blog but it was a great one written by a cute girl from hong kong. 
EDIT///it was the lovely Denise whose blog I found this from! check it out, I'm a fan!

July 24, 2009

I'm not destitute, I'm discerning

IMG_5236.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5234.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5233.jpg picture by grkid

my mother brought me this (or should I say these) babe when she briefly visited st. petersburg in the spring. I've never been a big fan of the russian culture or aesthetic but there's just something about this particular matryoshka doll. it's not exactly the traditional model, maybe that's why.

July 23, 2009

you've done a complete 180

I've been looking for a well-fitting black blazer for everyday use ever since I got the nude colored one in the spring. finally I found one, I'm just not completely sure it's the right model for me--it's not exactly a boxy fit. the back's been taken in just a little bit and it flares out at the hem again. 
I know it's stupid to keep something I'm not 100% sure about. it's just that I really want a black blazer for the autumn and what are the chances of getting an even better one for the same price?? 
haha the hard parts of being a materialist like myself....
 IMG_5944.jpg picture by grkid
EDIT// I was also thinking about maybe adding some studs on the lapels--then again the stripes are most definitely a problem. stripes and studs, wouldn't call that a perfect ensemble. what do you say?

July 22, 2009

only you can make you happy

RICKRICKRICK.jpg picture by grkid
RICKRICKRICK.jpg picture by grkid

how good are these rick owens wedge boots?? I say pure indulgence.

July 16, 2009

a false piece of mind

_MG_7252.jpg picture by grkid_MG_7332.jpg picture by grkid

draping, grey, boots, leggings, blazers, stripes.
I kind of wish it was autumn already.
now I'm off to work to wear an ugly plaid shirt with cargo pants of a matching colour. vomit.

photos weekday

July 14, 2009

merely the pain, not the difficulty

browsing through stockholmstreetstyle I bumped into this incredible female figure. 
I want a similar dress but with long sleeves. how hard can it be to make one?

July 13, 2009

if there's any other way I'll do anything for you

tsumorietc01.jpg picture by grkid
tee tsumori chisato scarf all saints shorts alberto biani shoes acne bra stella mccartney sunnies karen walker

I feel like quitting my job right now and spending endless, sunny days free from worries 
or any responsabilities before having to sharpen up for school again. 
I want to lie in other people's backyards in the middle of the night and laugh my ass off.
I want to get drunk in the morning and keep drinking for a few days. 
I want to be impulsive and naive and annoying.

July 9, 2009


enough with the olsen twins. let me introduce to you another pair of siblings just as stylish.
they're girls who stay faithful to their styles and know what suits them best.
they're girls whose personal styles never die or fade.

the younger sister is a fiery little thing, 
shorter than all of her friends but filled with energy and passion.
her style corresponds with her character; flaming red hair always in a bun, 
red dress and black combat boots paired with a little baby pink bow to bring in some femininity.
the older sister is a little more classic and composed both in her style and character. 
she often wears a baby pink dress with a pleated collar with some bright red rubber boots and, not unlike her sister, wears her hair in a little topknot.

the sisters are called little my and mymble.
 you might recognize them from the animated moomin series.

MUUMIT001muumilaaksonkevt01.jpg picture by grkidMUUMIT017taikasiemenivaltamerest1.jpg picture by grkidMUUMITkultakala1.jpg picture by grkidMUUMIT006pikkuruisetvieraat2.jpg picture by grkidmuumit006pikkuruisetvieraat1.jpg picture by grkid
I seriously think little my might be my very own number one it girl in the world.

ps finns, did you know that mörkö is a she?? wikipedia says so.
photos are screenshots from the moomin episodes spring in moominvalley/moominvalley's jungle/rare goldfish/small, small visitor

July 6, 2009

a girl can dream

IMG_5885-1.jpg picture by grkid

from now on
I want to only purchase clothes that make me happy.
I don't want to buy a piece of clothing just because it's something that suits other people.
I only want to buy things that suit me and who I am. 
I want to buy things I can use for a longer span of time. things of good quality, of a high standard. none of those ugly jersey creations that last for about three spins of the washing machine.
I want to have a closetful of things that make me grin in the mornings, instead of making me depressed and anxious.
I want to have a variety of delightful things to choose from. 
I want to have things that go together. pieces you can't go wrong with.

loose dark dress++dark fedora hat++moderately patterned leggings++black ankle booties
can you go wrong with those??

ps I wanted a dark grey eye liner like the one this ida sjöstedt model is wearing and found a perfect one from make up store yesterday. the only sad thing is that I look like a teenager in a heavy goth-phase wearing it.

+++ please pretend you didn't notice that little area of the sleeve in the drawing that I apparently forgot to colour in.....

July 5, 2009

jeunesse dorée

the latest issue of the italian muse magazine featured the amazing chloë sevigny on its pages. 
I don't really love chloë and actually pretty much hated her in HBO's big love 
but there's something about these photos that just makes me want to stare at them all day.

nuovo-36.jpg picture by grkidnuovo-39.jpg picture by grkid
nuovo-33.jpg picture by grkid
photos the fashion spot

July 3, 2009

a 263 euro t-shirt

I don't know what to think about the christopher kane tees that are everywhere right now.
gorillas, baboons, chimps, mandrills, all screaming.
yes, they're cool, but for how long?

July 2, 2009

materialism at the purest

IMG_5865.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5856-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5866.jpg picture by grkid

so this is what I decided to finally pamper myself with on my birthday. I'd been looking at this won hundred dress at beamhill for ages and now I'm just glad I didn't get it right away-- it was on sale. 
I was also pampered with some gifts from my parents and relatives, but more importantly with the company of my parents. it was actually pretty great. we went to buy some groceries at the old market hall in the city, walked around, bought flowers and books, had ice lattes and finally went home to make some gorgeous risotto with fresh scallops and white wine. 
pretty much the perfect birthday---until I went out that same night and visited some of the most disgusting clubs in helsinki. I rarely have fun going out anymore, I think I just go to the wrong places.

I'm feeling awfully uninspired at the very moment--my room is a mess, so is my life kind of 
+++ it's too hot to throw on anything that even resembles stylish clothing. jenna wrote about this earlier (it's in Finnish, sorry) and it seems I'm not the only one suffering from the lack of appropriate pieces to wear in this freaking heat. the only thing I'm comfortable doing right now is lying out in the backyard in a bikini sipping a cold drink.

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