January 31, 2010

I have a soft spot for brown eyes

Kyle4-1.jpg picture by grkidRomanceStreet-006171-1.jpg picture by grkidalexfirsttime128-1.jpg picture by grkid081218038493.jpg picture by grkid

//these have nothing to do with what I usually post about, I know. I just felt like sharing.

January 26, 2010

hors d'oeuvres

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pants phi cardigan lutz&patmos boots acne specs cutler&gross lipstick nars 

// I've fallen for all kinds of specs.... I almost wish I had to wear glasses!

January 25, 2010

house of fire

7286201001417323751316_L.jpg picture by grkid7286201001417324022318_L.jpg picture by grkid

//my old wallet is old, worn out and breaking into pieces. I've looked for a new one since last spring but haven't found one that would have pleased me enough. of course now that I've spent all my money and am not shopping at all I find the perfect one.

January 23, 2010

la collectionneuse

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//scoop neck sweater helmut lang pants chloé briefcase mulberry wedge boots giuseppe zanotti watch random found from google specs prism

January 22, 2010

the stiff upper lip syndrome

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//ohne titel ss10, images style.com

shopping from the past week or so

first of all, let me say s o r r y for my recent absence. 
I had a very special visitor from Australia for the last five days and figured that the dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in over a year should get my undivided attention. before her visit I went on a cruise to Stockholm and back with some friends and even had the chance to hit the Swedish sales which turned out to be quite a feast...

IMG_7081.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7080.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_7143.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_7145.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7154.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7165.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7269.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7283.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7279.jpg picture by grkid
1&2 Zara leather bag 3&4 American Apparel nail polish 5 Cheap Monday cube ring 6 Gina Tricot cross necklace 7 Monki stripe blazer 8&9 Acne pants from Urban Outfitters 

++ I got a new American Apparel ruched front bra, a black Monki dress, these Weekday wedges in patent and the world's most comfortable tank top tunics in both black and white. 
I think my sales shopping is done, and actually, I might be done shopping for quite a while. I need to figure out what I own and what I need before I buy any more junk.

January 13, 2010

search and rescue

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mind-blowing colors and prints, amazing dresses and insanely beautiful platform shoes@josh goot
//gotta love orange combined with black and white.  and I'd take one of those black and white blazers with accent colored wrists any time!

January 11, 2010

zucchero a velo

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oversized tank COMPLEX GEOMETRIES suede wedges JEFFREY CAMPBELL leather jacket THEORY

January 10, 2010


SURFACE2AIRBAGS.jpg picture by grkid
the small weekend bag & the usine bag

the story of me and the Surface to Air usine bag started just before Christmas when I saw the bag in real life for the first time at Helsinki10. I fell for it --hard--but simply didn't have the 370 euros I would have needed to purchase the bag.
right after Christmas I went to Helsinki10 again and the bag was on sale; 260€. I went on the Surface to Air online store too, and the bag was discounted there as well. the only little problem is that I'm now battling between the two options shown above: the small weekend bag and the usine bag. what do you think?? 
the small weekend bag is smaller and more feminine and seems very appropriate for everyday use whereas the usine is bulkier and bigger and more unisex. I seriously don't know which one attracts me more but the usine would be available in Helsinki--I wouldn't have to order online.
 oh oh oh the difficulty of these kinds of decisions. maybe I shouldn't buy a new bag at all.

January 8, 2010

blazing speed

Image and video hosting by TinyPicchloë sevigny/tfs

January 6, 2010


Givenchy is incredible. 
image from the bottomless pit of imagery we like to call google.

January 1, 2010


new year's got a little bit out of control......in a good way though. new year's eves have been crappy for as long as I can remember but having an after party until 10 am, going in the sauna and rollin in the snow definitely wasn't. lots of cleaning up (as in wet towels everywhere and beer on the walls) to do tomorrow, right now I can't be bothered.

acnemenss10.jpg picture by grkid
+++ the hottest guy on Earth from the acne website. absolutely gorgeous. plus I want the sweater in the second pic of the first row and the tee in the first pic of the second row.