February 28, 2010

doué pour les défis

doesnot.jpg picture by grkid

//double finger rings from Does Not Equal, an amazing, androgynous Australian brand with aesthetics very close to my heart. I really want the ring with the

click here for DNE's website and here for their blog

February 25, 2010


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//shirt&ankle boots acne bag proenza schouler perfume marc jacobs earrings fashionology.nl jeans j brand

February 22, 2010

heart of gold

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//vanillascented is definitely one of my favorite blogs. Maria, the girl behind it, posts often and shows a lot of her daily outfits. plus the girl has probably the most covetable shoe and clothing collection I've ever witnessed.
Maria's aesthetics are very close to mine; she seems to like Scandinavian design and minimalism. in addition to sporting some of my favourite brands Maria also wears a lot of amazing second hand pieces. I adore her style and the fact that she combines expensive labels with second hand finds. I think if I were to steal someone's wardrobe it would be her....

au bout du monde

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//blacks, whites and oranges at the Central Saint Martins fw10 show, all images

this collision came mid bloom

my graduation is still months away but because I love planning things I started to plan what to wear. I want to make sure I'm not without a dress and without shoes a week before the occasion because it wouldn't be the first time that has happened.
first of all, for this occasion I do not intend to wear black. no matter how comfortable the color makes me feel I feel like because it's a spring party and a once-in-a-lifetime-thing it's time for me to wear something colorful. orange (a bright, slightly burnt shade) was the color I had in mind until I found this Whyred dress:

mylofront.jpg picture by grkidmyloback.jpg picture by grkid

I thought the dress was maybe a bit too baggy and formless, maybe not exactly the dress for graduation. anyway, I thought I'd previously seen the dress somewhere so I dug into my inspiration files which is where I found this image:

whyredoutfits.jpg picture by grkid

I think combined with the right shoes, a chunky bracelet/ring and the right shade of lipstick this might be the dress I want to wear. what do you think??

race humaine espace vie

radhouranif03.jpg picture by grkidradhouranif01.jpg picture by grkidradhouranif06.jpg picture by grkidradhouranif05.jpg picture by grkid

rad hourani fw10, images style.com
//I've spent a few hours going through some fw10 styles and there are so many good things I want to post. beware....

February 21, 2010

quand on ne rit plus c'est qu'on ne vit plus

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/the row f10, images style.com

I hate to say this, but this is just perfect. I love everything about the row right now: the models and their hair, the all-black clothes, the pants, the coats and how the materials look. plus I love the black floor and the huge white flower arrangement in the background. I don't care if it's a fall collection, I just think the Olsens have somehow managed to make black clothing look more than appropriate for spring.

February 16, 2010

to be continued

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//the documentation of my wreck this journal continues...

February 15, 2010

heart skipped a beat

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//dear alpha60 black pleated wool scarf, please be a part of my wardrobe.

February 10, 2010


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//four random things from the past week

1 an origami spike ball I made last weekend, you might think I sound crazy but origami is great. nerdy but great.
2 I made a promise not to buy anything for a while but then I found out models own was available in Finland. the shades I got are fuzzy peach, orange sorbet and lemon meringue but they make me miss spring things like sunshine and walks in the esplanade park and dry asphalt and a million other things. not good. it's still -10 degrees outside.
3 the Klaus Haapaniemi x Rosa Liksom Monsters book that I wanted to buy last spring but then I ran out of money and then the shop ran out of the books. I found it in the library today. it's filled with illustrations.
4 a delicious home made prosciutto pizza with mini tomatoes, rocket and parmesan. definitely not fat free, just the way it's supposed to be.

February 8, 2010

righteous and proud

Gold origami necklaceGold origami necklace

//gold origami necklace from daydream nation @ pixie market
I wish I had the tools and materials and the know-how to make this kind of jewelry at home....

February 7, 2010

back to 505

505.jpg picture by grkid

//the Chanel Particulière nail polish has been featured in almost every blog; it seems to have become a phenomenon even bigger than the Chanel jade green nail polish.
I also think it's definitely a lot better than the jade green one, imagine having café au lait-coloured nails... I might even opt for this.

February 3, 2010



//tuxedo pants
acne wedges rick owens watch casio the perfect bag proenza schouler lipstick make up store sweater monki

I've fallen head over heels for grandpa-style pants as you may have noticed--- I think I've featured them in at least three recent outfit collages. I can't wait to wear my black grandpa pants, I don't really like wearing them at this time of the year because they don't look particularly good with chunky winter coats. in addition to the black ones I kind of want to experiment with patterned trousers as well. I guess I need to go raid some op shops soon.
///the watch is from urban outfitters. when I was in Stockholm every other hipster-looking chick had one. I still love it.

February 2, 2010


//I'm not the biggest fan of Abbey Lee Kershaw but she looks stunning on the cover of Vogue Australia's March issue. I love how they matched the font colours to her lipstick and nail polish.
I'm looking for a lipstick in that exact colour, anyone have any tips on where to look?