August 31, 2009

come to mama

pic24-1-1.jpg picture by grkid
the list of items I would love to get for this fall is growing every day......I mean come on, look at those damn shoes. I don't know the price, don't know about the quality, I just know they'd be perfect with a cape and a chunky scarf. 
ps if you don't happen to like suede, the shoes also come in lacquer. yum. now the only thing I need is a back-and-forth trip to sweden.....

photo from here

wiggle your toenails

image_slide_show_new_65370.jpg picture by grkid
I started laughing when I saw these comme des garcons shoes online. they're creepy!
I wonder if a DIY version would look even half as good as the genuine things?

August 24, 2009

crab claws and bottles of rum

femmefatale.jpg picture by grkid
blazer acne tank top kain lipstick make up store aloha leggings helmut lang boots random clutch alexander mcqueen

ah how I wish I could throw on the above clothes tomorrow morning and take it easy for the day. I'd drag my heavy ass downtown, get a latte and just walk around looking at the things surrounding me.
I feel like I sleepwalk through the most of the year. 

I went to see rasta thomas' rock the ballet with a friend on Saturday and even though for the first half of the show the dancers' clothes were terrible (think tank tops in pastel shades with some sequins thrown in on the guys, black leather, sequins and red jersey on the girl....) and the background video was substandard, I really enjoyed it. 
after the break (and some white wine) half through the show the clothing got better (fedoras, black ties, tight black jeans, white shirts on the guys, pink and black on the girl). 
the times I go to see dance performances are very few, but I guess I need to do it more often. 

August 21, 2009

lose or keep?

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what is it with me buying things I regret buying when I get home? where's cognitive thinking and keeping cool, where's simplicity and when the hell did spontaneity replace rationality?

I have solemnly promised myself to stop buying clothes and accessories and shoes until I seriously figure out what I want and need to buy. maybe it's just that I don't find what I look for and therefore end up buying things I'm not happy with.

before being able to quit buying things I'm not too sure about I have to:
a) raid my closet and throw out everything I haven't worn in the past year
b) decide what to do with the grey sweater dress above. I actually love the piece because it is pretty unusual, but it doesn't suit me as well as it could. the dress is 100% cotton though so no acrylics or any ugly polyester fibers which go static the moment you walk out on a winter morning, so I'm guessing this may actually stay in shape for long.
what do you think?

August 18, 2009

nero non è noioso come dicono

ILOVEAUTUMN.jpg picture by grkid
(leather jacket helmut lang boots chloé dress diana brinks beanie lowie necklace ACB)

I'm looking forward to those chilly autumn mornings when I can wear something similar to the clothes above. whoever said black was dull was utterly wrong. at least for me it brings comfort. it feels familiar.
I've never really liked beanies ever since I got rid of those awful, colorful nightmarish beanies all of us kids used to wear in pre school, and well actually I might have had a wannabe-snowboarder phase at one point too where I bought beanies everywhere I went.... anyway, a chunky black one with a big pom-pom actually seems like a good idea. maybe I should try to make one myself.

tomorrow I'll hit the shops to get a pair of gorgeous sand colored leather gloves! another item on my wanted-for-autumn list ticked off.

++ does anyone have any tips for finding shoes like the chloé jodhpurs in the image? I've searched through zio and rizzo in helsinki but I can't find anything. 
they should be black and definitely made of good quality leather but they should also suit my budget. help!

August 17, 2009


IMG_5969.jpg picture by grkid

what a weekend. flow festival was even better than I thought it could be. saw a lot of friends, listened to awesome music like new young pony club, white lies, handsome furs, grace jones et cetera, threw on the first clothes I could reach in the mornings and just felt super good about everything+++got crazy listening to ladyhawke. she's something. fever ray had the weirdest, most amazing show I've seen during this short life of mine. 
lily allen definitely isn't one of my favourites but despite the fact that she cried on stage and complained about her back hurting her music left me a little sad for the rest of the night. 
school's started, I've got tons of reading to do, I'm sick and still a tad hungover from last night but I feel beyond happy. weekends like the past one are what keeps me going. 

I snapped the above image of my new vintage glasses. the old lady who sold them to me told me she wore them in the sixties. they make me look like a crazy grandma. love it.

ps grace jones was c r a z y about her clothing, I mean how on earth does she pull off all that stuff?? like a giant leaf-like hat on her head or a structured black silk jacket made of sausage-like things? or a pink hula hoop. 

August 11, 2009

ransom notes keep falling out your mouth

I'm back to school as of today. everything has changed. I feel new. they serve pumpkin seeds with salad now and fresh bread every day at school. not that I'm complaining. 
I've been shopping for utterly boring things like underwear and erasers/pencils/paper and haven't found any of those perfect day dresses I was planning to fill my closet with before the weather gets cold.

why is it that I only started to enjoy the summer now that it's practically over??

photo jak and jil

August 7, 2009

colour-coordinate your cd collection

my summer will officially be over next Tuesday when it's time to go back to school again. I've been working my ass off this summer just to pay for plane tickets to australia in christmas time, but now I'm not too sure whether I want to go. I don't know if a little trip down memory lane is worth working for the whole summer--maybe I should go next summer when I could really spend a lot of time there? then again, I think I'm getting some money off my insurance next year so maybe I could do both? it's a difficult choice to be made!

I'm still feeling oh so uninspired+++looking forward to the weather becoming cold and chilly. I miss autumn. I've been working  on my wish list for the new season but it's impossible to finish due to the fact that all the fall collections are now starting to come up on the Internet... 

this piece, however, is something I truly truly feel like I need. why don't high street stores make anything similar to this pretty baby? just because I don't have 500€ to spend on a sweater dress doesn't mean I don't deserve one, eh?

large product imagelarge product image
rick owens oversized wool-blend sweater from net-a-porter