May 28, 2009


I'm now officially employed and supposedly free from worries.
feels extremely good after the job hunt that took almost the whole spring.
this means that next month I can book my tickets to australia for christmas. ahh.

my math teacher made me cry today, oh lord. 
luckily school's practically over now so I don't have to see his bald head anytime soon.....

photo jak&jil

I love karen langley's (stylish for dazed&confused) fringed+feathered jacket along with the crazy paint-splash pattern. and the half-shaved head.
I'm surprisingly not a big fan of the graphic knit over the black dress/skirt 
but I do enjoy the big chunky knit worn by celestine cooney (also a stylist) on the right paired with the brown hair the shade of which very much resembles my own, and the little bun.
oh these people. they know how to dress.

May 23, 2009


jewelry sidvintage
been rather busy for the past couple of days, italian and french exams are now over, summer holidays start on saturday. 
I'm still jobless but hopefully that'll change this afternoon... I'll be back then.

May 22, 2009


wednesday night my mom surprised me by saying she wanted to go look for a blazer with me. we jumped in a car and looked through most of the shops at the nearby shopping centre. despite what I said about zara blazers not fitting me, zara was exactly where I found the perfect one! 

IMG_5687.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5690.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5696.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5699.jpg picture by grkid

(today's outfit; blazer zara, circle scarf american apparel, studded cuff gothshop)
 I'm off now, there's a relaxing friday night ahead of me!  freshly made spring rolls, raspberries and probably kill bill vol. 2 as I watched the first one 
last night with a bunch of friends.
I think I could seriously watch the kill bill movies three times a row without moving,
they're just unbelievable.

May 21, 2009

grater heels

photos jak&jil

May 19, 2009

certain only of what she didn't want

I just watched the most amazing movie. vicky cristina barcelona. 
I actually have no idea why it gave me such a good feeling, it was chaotic and erratic after all.
maybe that's exactly why.

Scarlett Johansson Picture

I used to hate Penelope, well I definitely don't anymore. 
gotta respect the fact that she can act. and look gorgeous in smudged makeup and tangled hair.
also, gotta love the black hat and the white cotton dress of the picnic scene,
also, gotta love woody.

May 18, 2009

a function that does not function

I've seriously got some issues with self control. 
after the first hot yoga session of my life this morning I managed to take a little 2-hour power nap + clean up + lay on my bed + cook an omelette + make a smoothie with bulgarian yoghurt, orange and kiwifruit + find my m.c.escher book that was lost for a few months + aimlessly walk around the house + cut some photos out of old magazines + a lot more

guess what I didn't do? study maths.... nothing could interest me less. 
I'm going to fail again just because I can't focus on integrals for more than thirty seconds. 

IMG_5594.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5597.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5601.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5602.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5599.jpg picture by grkid

(all photos from taschen's m.c.escher book, taken by me and my shitty camera)

May 17, 2009

pourquoi perché

I'm great at wasting time browsing websites and web shops
especially when I'm actually supposed to study something as unstimulating as maths...

01 & 02 rodebjer 03 & 04 tsumori chisato 05 karen walker
06 helmut lang 07 ligne 6 martin margiela 08 something
(all photos la garconne)

the electric blue rodebjer blazer in the first pic is something I want/need, but I can't find any blazers in helsinki that would match my vision of a perfect one. 
if I still have to look for a long time, the blazer weathers will be over. anyone know where to find a good one within a reasonable price range? 
zara stocks some good ones, but they don't seem to fit me at all.

May 15, 2009

retail therapy

I feel like skipping my biology exam and spending a few hours in town walking in white spaces full of expensive black and grey clothes

(jacket and sandals acne, tee t by alexander wang, skirt stella mccartney, clutch rika)

May 13, 2009

things can change and they will

4_29_09_julia_roitfeldED7508.jpg picture by grkidjulia_restoin_roitfeld01.jpg picture by grkid4_29_09_julia_roitfeldED7510.jpg picture by grkid
julia_restoin_roitfeld04.jpg picture by grkid
julia_restoin_roitfeld05.jpg picture by grkid
the smiling skull ring, the stacks of thick magazines, the glossy wooden floor, the number of pairs of shoes, the bag...
I'm loving these photos of julia restoin-roitfeld's home (you'll find them at the selby)

eh I have the same tiger bangle you can see in the third photo? well julia's is probably a really really pricey one and mine just a good replica but it's still the same thing!

May 12, 2009

pentagons and hexagons

solarium made me really tired, but haha luckily the 3 euro days at UFF were on.
(UFF is a second hand shop and they have this great week where every single item is 4 euros at first, then the next day 3, the next day 2, and then finally everything goes for a euro) I went psycho just because I went alone.
I'm sure I wouldn't have got the things I did get had there been someone with me... the next season coming up is summer but oh no.

IMG_5553.jpg picture by grkid

in addition to this beauty (or beast, however you like) I got a long brown fake fur, an ugly leather skirt that I'll probably make a bag out of and a black jacket. 
as my mom said, not bad for 3 euros each.

yayayay I got the brightest idea today, I'll tell more about it tomorrow!
+++ found the perfect headband with a big bow--I look like minnie mouse wearing it

May 11, 2009


today's been a great day considering it's monday, never mind the piece of shitty news I received or the little hail that made me cold and soaking wet on my way home..
you know why?
because today was day 1 of my decided lifestyle renovation !
(hehe sounds clichéd but I actually think it's going to work this time) 
and that means exercise, lots of sleep, good but healthy food and a little bit of pampering too.
tomorrow I'll get some of that pampering done -- solarium and maybe a little bit of shopping...

IMG_5545.jpg picture by grkid
(mother's day card on sunday)

ps I want to try hot yoga, anyone feel like joining me?

May 7, 2009

tre fotografie e qualche parole

IMG_5533-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5531.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5529.jpg picture by grkid

01. & 02. the best meal of the otherwise bluntly nourished week
03. yet another necklace I made. I bought an old rusty key from the marché de puces de st ouen in paris but of course I managed to mysteriously lose it. this bottle opener came to rescue.

it's been a great week filled with late mornings and fruit breakfasts and the little light green birch leaves just outside my window and kumman kaa games on people walking on the street and watching mammoth, the great movie by the great swedish lukas moodysson with michelle and gael. gael wore a black comme des garcons shirt with the red heart embroidered on it. 

May 6, 2009

j'avais envie de dire bonjour à n'importe qui

Paris was so different from the Paris of my imagination. I never imagined the city to be so big, so exhausting, so diverse, of course it was charming and stunning and stylish as well, just a little too big to be understood and grasped in four short days. like a very charming old gentleman said to me in the airplane on our way back home, it's like eating ten litres of ice cream. too much.

IMG_5332.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5344.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5310.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5356.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5372.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5513.jpg picture by grkidIMG_5477.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5500.jpg picture by grkid

the whole four days went by fast by just looking and walking around. 
the shops were great, take le bon marché for example. dries van noten, maison martin margiela, marni, stella mccartney, comme des garcons and millions of other great brands and stunning clothes next to each other. unbelievable.

the best moments of the whole trip, however, were the little morning walks to the local boulangerie and fruit shop, the old men smiling and saying bonjour.

we decided to rent out an apartment for the four days as we thought we could play parisians for a while, and it was the best decision we could have made. 
the apartment was on a big boulevard right next to a metro station, all-white, modern, wooden floors and beautiful high ceilings with all the light you can get. it was pretty great, you can probably imagine, having an own temporary home in paris!