June 30, 2009

corrupt without being charming

I promised a glimpse of the little sewing project a while back, so here we go.

IMG_5858.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5862.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5861.jpg picture by grkid

it's a stupid little bag that was meant to resemble a football (got the idea from this bless football bag) but the fake leather I used was a little too thick.
I know the outcome would have been totally different and better had I used actual leather, thin black suede for example, but I'm happy with the thing anyway. the only problem is that it looks stupid empty and that nothing really fits in there....but never mind that.

I'm off to spending my 19th birthday right now ++ will be back with photos of some beautiful things I pampered myself with earlier today :-)))

June 23, 2009

I never should have cut my hair

claudemaus0104.jpg claudemaus0104 picture by grkid
claudemaus0302.jpg claudemaus0302 picture by grkid
claudemaus0806.jpg claudemaus0806 picture by grkid
claudemaus1007.jpg claudemaus1007 picture by grkid
claudemaus1108.jpg claudemaus1108 picture by grkid
claudemaus1311.jpg claudemaus1311 picture by grkid
claudemaus1007.jpg claudemaus1007 picture by grkid
all photos claude maus

I apologize for the large number of photos. I simply couldn't take any out. I found this designer through this blog and I have to say I'm impressed. it looks effortless but so damn good. the cuts and colors drive me crazy.

ps photos of the sewing project coming up S O O N.

June 22, 2009

man candy

I think the hottest guy out of these is the one on the right. love his face and his hair, I'd say he looks as perfect as a person can.

June 15, 2009

sticky honey

IMG_5828.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5831.jpg picture by grkid

01 my cravings list from a couple of days ago that you probably can't even read
02 I can now strike through the wedge sandal part of the list  

(I already regret having spent money on such a plastic pair of shoes. they're not going to look good for long. everyone has them. not to mention the fact I don't need heels as I never wear them. ahhhh shit. but I have excuses---they were on sale. and I was in the money and hadn't bought anything for over a week (!!!) and in addition they had my size. so I went for it. )

ps the sewing project is now completed. it's just a pain in the ass to photograph. I'll try again tomorrow if the weather (----> light) is better.

June 10, 2009

moschino s/s 09

F154BBD11F6B547A1DEA45918CD1.jpg picture by grkidF154BBD11F6B547A1DEA45918CD1.jpg picture by grkidF154BBD11F6B547A1DEA45918CD1.jpg picture by grkidF154BBD11F6B547A1DEA45918CD1.jpg picture by grkid

excuse me for these short stupid posts --
I'm trying to cope with the new (already frustrating) job, sustain a social life, sew something very time consuming and mind challenging plus sleep enough.
be back shortly when the sewing project is finished!

June 8, 2009

bermuda triangles

IMG_5821-2.jpg picture by grkid
my shameless, self-made, asymmetrical and crooked knockoff of the angle necklace by the wonderful alex&chloe.

little dwarf with a shiny smile and an endless imagination

nails as heels. love it.

June 6, 2009

leave me in the midnight sun

I'm posting this page from russh australia nov/dec08 again because...

1 it's the most inspiring magazine ever made
2 if you ever get your hands on this precious publication, hold on tight
3 I don't have a scanner right now so I can't give you any new pages
4 it's got grey, black and peach - can one ever go wrong with that threesome?
5 I'm craving to read the new russh issue right now
6 the rodarte tights, no matter how copied, are just great
+++ that orange lipstick!

Russhnovdec0804.jpg russh nov/dec08-04 picture by grkid

this past week I found a great customer service person in myself, walked barefoot on the wet streets, fought with my father and spent some great days not trying to impress anyone but just being my very own self. 
walking in town criticizing everyone and everything,
laughing at stupid things and stupid salesmen at diesel
wondering who to vote on the european parliament election
finding the perfect leather jacket but not affording it
then borrowing money and living in debt and making stupid pacts with myself
polishing the old fragile second hand jacket with some beeswax shit
planning to wake up early and heading to the flea market
ending up sleeping in and falling asleep on the floor
choosing the biggest burgers on the restaurant menu and feeling sick
eating again after a few hours
laughing at my dad whose feelings got hurt when a pigeon turned their back on him

that's what the past two days have been about.

June 1, 2009

goodbye my lover

this morning I walked to my hairdresser's in the hot hot heat that's been pampering us finns for the last few days. I walked there my long hair open and flowy. and hour and some minutes later I left the place almost crying, with hair that barely touches my shoulders. 
I've spent the last few hours googling efficient ways to grow your hair. 
bah life goes on and hair will eventually grow long. probably.
Black Denim Jacket                    Black Long Dress

+++ random question thing I stole from malia
shoes flats, wedges, bright colours and black sneakers baby pink chuck taylors 
jeans acne tees h&m, jc, monki, resteröds undies mostly h&m bag self-made ones, zara, second hand wallet brown leather sportsgirl sunnies second hand + a dozen cheap wayfarer
&clubmaster knockoffs watch don't have one jewelry self-made+cheap crap TV no idea?
cellphone nokia n95 MP3 iPod computer macbook make up ysl, make up store, lancome, clinique, the body shop facial lotion some nivea young one deodorant a random but really efficient one toothpaste pepsodent whitening shampoo/conditioner paul mitchell tea tree shampoo, any random market conditioner soap any fragrance marc jacobs pear, diesel fuel for life mineral water san pellegrino but I'd rather go for the helsinki tap water wine any south aussie white drink mojito, caipirinha, pastis bread reissumies rye bread food asparagus, chevre, salmon in any form, pasta, salads ice cream sorbets, ingman totally black, chocolate chip mint (not ben&jerrys) candies any finnish ones + reese's peanut butter cups bed ikea 
sheets marimekko hairdresser an artificially tanned stubborn blonde on mariankatu 
newspaper helsingin sanomat magazine trendi, olivia, vogue paris, russh australia