March 27, 2009

blue bright blue

white wine is heavenly. I'm a big fan of wood ridge fruity lexia, a south australian wine of course. it is rather sweet and oddly enough many other people think it's too sweet. 
ehhh try the jacob's creek chardonnay semillon then.

I went window shopping today after a gorgeous brunch at ekberg with three gorgeous friends. I saw this girl, this girl with long blonde hair and bangs standing at the tram stop, she was all clad in black and wore these amazing leggings with cuts on the sides and black raybans, and KLING the tram came and KLING she was gone. like a black and blonde ghost that still kind of haunts my mind.

anyway. I saw this hideous bright blue suede skirt, probably a size 48 or something, totally terrible. the leather still haunts my mind though (lots of things haunting my mind lately), it was the same blue the perfect nicholas kirkwood heels are, and I can see the leather as a giant clutch.
it's probably not worth the 23 euros after all, but I suppose I'll have to go and get it next week.

a bigbigbig bright blue clutch would look good in the summer with a bit of a tan and all black clothes. 
 BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFjNKV3R.jpg picture by grkid

hat comme des garcons for h&m shoes monki dress acne blazer alexander wang

March 22, 2009

chuck and taylor went girly

I had a pair of red hi-top converse shoes that I got a few years ago. I think I wore them once or twice but they ended up forgotten because of their colour.
last year I just got this vision of them in baby pink, and yesterday was a good day to take some bleach and a lot of time to make some new shoes out of the old ones.

after a headache from the chlorine smell, about six hours and a broken washing machine, this is what I got. a pair of baby pink hi-top shoes that actually look brand new. 
bleach can do wonders I see!
I'm planning on taking these with me to paris, matching them with black and grey clothes. 

IMG_5043.jpg baby pink dreams picture by grkid

I was scared the shoes would get torn apart because of all the chlorine I needed and the time it took for the bright red canvas to decolorize, but now that they're dry they seem perfectly fit.

the only bad thing is that the washing machine broke....

March 18, 2009


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IMG_5034-1.jpg luvluv picture by grkid

today was filled with ed energy drink, 
macarons from frambois
and the plaid shirt by these glory days.

I just watched the season finale of the city, and I'm so damn disappointed. it was too scripted and too forced and it just pisses me off how the good girls shut up about the bad ones who just walk all over them, yet the bad ones always get the prize. so wrong.

the macarons were heavenly though, I very strongly recommend that cute little bakery in the WTC building in helsinki.

March 10, 2009


43152009022784627968184_L.jpg acne estrada high picture by grkid
43152009022784627968184_L.jpg acne estrada high picture by grkid
I really want these shoes!
the only bad thing is that they'd make me 270 euros poorer.

I've been studying English for hours now and words like 
keep rampaging through my head.
time to go to sleep.


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IMG_4927.jpg ponies picture by grkid

IMG_4968.jpg blumarine picture by grkid

three random photos, 
one random pony, 
lots of random thoughts in my head.

I haven't written the literary essay that's due today, I just can't form proper, sharp sentences. it's all a blur, really, and I can't make all the separate thoughts 
melt into an essay that would make sense. the book I need to write on was exceptionally good, the secret history by Donna Tartt. 
I suggest you read it.

English matriculation exam on Friday morning and I haven't studied a bit.

March 3, 2009


IMG_4734.jpg erin02 picture by grkidIMG_4726.jpg whitney04 picture by grkidIMG_4736.jpg erin & whitney picture by grkidIMG_4751.jpg erin01 picture by grkidIMG_4737.jpg olivia01 picture by grkidIMG_4739.jpg whitney02 picture by grkid
I never thought I'd watch a show like the city, but no matter how fake the dialogues are, how acted the scenes are and how stupid and brainless the people in the show are, I watch it. 

mainly because of the clothes and jay's accent and the braids in whitney's hair.
the whitened teeth and california smiles and the relationship between whitney and jay put me off though.

and how people go and meet each other at cafés but never stay for longer than a few minutes
and how people get annoyed but never show their feelings, 
just because it's inappropriate or immature to do that
and how whitney uses fancy wannabe posh words but uses them all wrong
and how it's all fake and how the guys cheat but the girls just stand by and watch and forgive.

why why why do I even bother to watch this show ??


tu trouves les choses les plus belles ici

I wasn't aware of the existence of this little jewelry brand until today, and I have to say I think I'm in love.

March 2, 2009

cuts and pleats

Russhnovdec0801.jpg russh nov/dec08-01 picture by grkid
Russhnovdec0802.jpg russh nov/dec08-02 picture by grkid
Russhnovdec0803.jpg russh nov/dec08-03 picture by grkid
Russhnovdec0804.jpg russh nov/dec08-04 picture by grkid
Russhnovdec0806.jpg russh nov/dec08-06 picture by grkid
Russh Australia November/December 2008
scanned by me