November 11, 2013


//can anyone relate to me when I say how practically impossible it is to find the perfect bucket bag? I've been searching for years, but I think this is it. I think I would give up all of my bags just to have this one.
it's a good thing I can't afford it at the moment, because I don't think I would know how to choose between this all-black version and the version with the red interior.
bag mansur gavriel

September 25, 2013


//my all-time favourite, clement chabernaud, stares at me at every de fursac boutique window in this city.
images via

September 23, 2013


  photo settembre_zps4122f62c.jpg
// monochromatic autumn basics.
 sweater hope pants stephan schneider clutch comme des garçons brogues church's

August 2, 2013


 photo sleeve01_zps6ae4c91c.png
 photo sleeve02_zps52519774.png  photo sleeve03_zps8265cbb7.png

//when I purchased a new laptop I wanted a cover for it. I was after a simple sleeve, nothing else.
I still had some leather left from an old project, even though I've been using the same leather for countless gift items as well.
logically, I decided to make the computer sleeve myself. I'm quite happy with the result; the object has already been in everyday use for half a year, and it doesn't show any signs of wear. it just does what good leather always does; gets better with age.


 photo debutaout_zps17bdea55.jpg

//long summer in paris, long work hours; I've been away from here. I don't know; I am less and less interested in clothing and more interested in living.

shirt tsumori chisato shorts base range shoes &other stories (best purchase of the summer) perfume serge lutens

April 19, 2013


 photo shirts1_zpsd0a2d87f.png  photo shirts2_zpsadb68812.png

//I'm rather fond of all kinds of collared shirts and blouses at the moment. the sudden appearance of the sun has also made me think outside of my usual colour scheme--different hues of blue look refreshing after a long winter.

shirts zara/sager forsberg/equipment via département féminin/zara

rue du croissant

 photo fenetres_zpsd7f3209f.png//hello there! I've been away for too long. it's like that when life gets in the way; trips to italy, bachelor's degrees, future plans.
but I'm back now, and so is the spring, and in a few months' time I will be walking on the streets of Paris, going to work, and then later on, going to school. exciting times are ahead, so stay tuned.


apieceapart01.png //summer basics from apieceapart

February 11, 2013


//band of outsiders pre-fall 2013, images via

February 10, 2013


//helmut lang fw2013 via

January 31, 2013

buckle up

scogna01-1.png //francesco scognamiglio pre-fall 2013 via

January 30, 2013


haider003.png haider003.png haider003.png haider003.png
//haider ackermann spring 2013 rtw via

January 27, 2013

scarpe bianche

whiteshoes.png //white shoes.
I live for spring. even though the shoes are just as white as the snow that covers the ground right now.

shoes mm6 + martiniano, both via lagarconne.