August 31, 2010

you will never come close to how I feel

//autumn's here, so am I.
got back from my long long travel, spent a week at home packing up stuff, then moved to a new town to start uni.

IMG_0898-1.jpg picture by grkidIMG_0899-1.jpg picture by grkidthis summer I discovered a limited wardrobe to be more inspiring than the usual wide assortment of clothing that hangs in my closet.
at least for me a wide wardrobe means that I stick to the same garments day after day. having fewer pieces, I wore a bigger percentage of them because they were more compatible with each other.
that's why it's refreshing to move to a new town, a new apartment: I now only have garments I really love and need.
plus getting dressed is so much more fun now.