December 11, 2010

tell me anything you want, any lie will do


//after looking at leather totes for a long time, after never finding the perfect size or colour or price, I decided to make one myself. 
finding the leather wasn't easy, neither was sewing the thick leather with a normal household sewing machine. 
anyway, here's how my bag turned out. I'm very happy. 
the leather is slightly too soft for this purpose though, so if I ever attempted to make a sturdy leather tote again I would have to go for a waxy, sturdy leather instead of this one. 
needless to say, they didn't have that where I bought my leather, but whatever. 
tiny, insignificant details. 
all that matters is that it looks good, is made by me and fits everything I need. and has a spacious side pocket with a zipper.
what do you think?


  1. this is the perfect leather tote! great blog!

    finally hatachi

  2. td, naomi, thankyou so much!

    onlycoolcats, it's about 38x45 cm, so large enough to fit an A3 size drawing block and a decent pile of books and papers in addition:-)

  3. wow greaaat DIY! I made a full leather tote before using a cheap as >$50 sewing machine from KMART lol fun times! maybe if you use thicker leather you'll have to hand stitch it instead?

  4. denise, haha, maybe kmart sewing machines are just fine for a thin leather. I tried hand stitching but it was too hard, even with a leather needle. I ended up only stitching the lining by hand, with everything else I struggled and ended up using the machine...

  5. Looks good to me. I'm getting to that point too where I need a large day bag and can't find what I'm looking for. I might make my own too.