April 27, 2010


IMG_8769.jpg picture by grkidthis is how my clutch turned out.... the real deal is so much better, this ended up looking a little bit too box-shaped because the skirt I used was made out of several, not just one or two patches of leather.
//the A5 sketchbook is there to demonstrate the size of the clutch


  1. hey that looks pretty! and the size seems very functional, good job!

  2. thats amazing!!! you are seriously talented =)

  3. WOW. amazing i love it so much i might just make my own version. hehehe. DOes it have a lining?

  4. thank you everyone!
    Denise, it sure does have a lining! it turned out a little dodgy. I like contrast color linings but I didn't have any fun colors, I opted for black then. it has a pocket inside as well.