May 7, 2010

if it's not a rainy day you simply don't go outside

grkidrainyday.jpg picture by grkid

//umbrella MoMa dress weekday leather jacket vanessa bruno shoes marni bag proenza schouler

I love rainy days. today is one.
I've posted the PS1 bag several times in several colors. I want one.
I saw the sky umbrella on Hanneli's blog ages ago. I want one.
the Vanessa Bruno leather jacket is perfect, but you know what. I don't want one. I found a leather jacket just as good, even better actually, and today when I go out into the heavy rain I'm going to wear it. with an umbrella with no clouds on it.


  1. that dress almost look like a loose jumper. i wish they made a jumper like that... ro did one a while ago.

  2. i rmb that umbrella got sooo popular cos of Hanneli and the funny thing is, I have the eXACT same one and it was actually FREE from THE BODY SHOP hahahaha got it a couple of yours ago toO!!

    p.s. STILL dying over those marnis ):

  3. pretty in black but with that cloudy twist, it's great.

  4. TD, I think I know which one you mean. I think I'll buy that dress and crop it into a sweater.....

    Denise, haha I remember this! I posted an image of Hanneli wearing the umbrella and you told that you had one! I'm j e a l o u s.