June 17, 2012


inmybag.png inmybag  
//in my bag. 
foldermate notebook, pilot g-tec-c4 pen (my favourite), book by haruki murakami, a map to the city I'm living in, miscellaneous fliers and brochures from an exhibition at gammel strand, acne quartz wallet, nokia e71, kiehl's lip balm, kiehl's coriander roll-on perfume, maxfactor lipstick in ruby tuesday, illesteva leonard sunglasses, keys.

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  1. A few years ago I saw an influx of "stuff in my bag" posts (thank you Spin Magazine), in which the contents were unceremoniously dumped onto what desk and described with a good many tangents... but this is beautifully done here. I like the succinctness of the text, the lines of the photograph... and, hi, you're reading Murakami.