October 24, 2012


bags.png bags // searching for an everyday bag that would fit a 15'' laptop. preferably black leather, rather simple without any excessive detailing, with a shoulder strap. any suggestions?
bags above sandqvist/the row/want l.e.v./paul smith


  1. The want l.e.v is my favourite of these.

    I think this http://www.thecorner.com/fi/women/large-leather-bag_cod45186331sp.html is a good option, too (assuming your laptop will fit in it..)

  2. noirconcept,
    great to have you comment! I lost your blog for a while, glad to see you're back!
    the damir doma bag is quite stunning...and rather pricey. I've noticed my style developing towards a preppier silhouette in the past few months, and maybe that's why the sandqvist briefcase is quite high on my list at the moment.

  3. Ahh it's such a pleasure to hear that! I was in a hiatus with blogging (and life in general) some time so I just felt I needed to take a break and also a fresh start.
    It's always nice to notice unconsciously developing own style to a certain way. Makes shopping and dressing a lot more easier. Just came to my mind that have you thought about buying a leather tote/shopper or so and a separate cover for your laptop?

  4. A fresh start is always good!
    You're absolutely right, it seems very easy to dress in the mornings at the moment, I just tend to find the right garments without paying much attention to them. Which is how a wardrobe should work.
    And yes, I'll have a separate cover and bag. I think I will sew the cover myself out of some black leather that I have lying around, but I want to buy the bag because the leather that I have is really soft and prone to stretch if it's put under heavy strain.
    I bike a lot so I kind of need a laptop bag that has a shoulder strap. The problem with totes is that they're often a bit more vertical than horizontal in shape, which makes them more awkward to carry...
    oh, some first world problems.