February 22, 2010

this collision came mid bloom

my graduation is still months away but because I love planning things I started to plan what to wear. I want to make sure I'm not without a dress and without shoes a week before the occasion because it wouldn't be the first time that has happened.
first of all, for this occasion I do not intend to wear black. no matter how comfortable the color makes me feel I feel like because it's a spring party and a once-in-a-lifetime-thing it's time for me to wear something colorful. orange (a bright, slightly burnt shade) was the color I had in mind until I found this Whyred dress:

mylofront.jpg picture by grkidmyloback.jpg picture by grkid

I thought the dress was maybe a bit too baggy and formless, maybe not exactly the dress for graduation. anyway, I thought I'd previously seen the dress somewhere so I dug into my inspiration files which is where I found this image:

whyredoutfits.jpg picture by grkid

I think combined with the right shoes, a chunky bracelet/ring and the right shade of lipstick this might be the dress I want to wear. what do you think??


  1. i like it - it looks just the right amount of slouchy on the model! I champion wearing colour to graduation.
    I don't graduate uni for another year and a bit, but every year I see hundreds of people in, like, work clothes? black pencil skirts and white blouses, type of thing. I'm planning on wearing a bright red vintage dress, which is stunning, and I don't know where else I'd wear it!

    Great blog btw, stumbled across it whilst looking for a pic of Little My from the Moomins for my blog...


  2. jenn, I'm only graduating high school, not uni actually! so I'm not familiar with the clothing people wear for their uni graduation, I just know that here in Finland people dress up pretty fancily for their high school graduation. your red vintage dress sounds pretty great !

    and haha, glad you found your way in, little my is my absolute favourite!

  3. my grad-dress was so discordant but still I fancied it! it was this grey and super puffy from henrik vibskov! yeh I felt like a solitaire michelin man...

    and by the way, it arrived 3 days before, haha!

  4. Ria, a puffy grey Henrik Vibskov doesn't sound too discordant to me? ;-) haha I've never really fancied online shopping so I guess that's why I want to get this over with long before the occasion!

  5. Rules are made to be broken! You'll be the best looking grad student. I'm in love with the colour, and the baggy fit just makes it cooler! I say go for it!

  6. haha thanks for your opinion Maria! I think I'll have to buy the dress because I can't stop thinking about it....

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