February 10, 2010


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//four random things from the past week

1 an origami spike ball I made last weekend, you might think I sound crazy but origami is great. nerdy but great.
2 I made a promise not to buy anything for a while but then I found out models own was available in Finland. the shades I got are fuzzy peach, orange sorbet and lemon meringue but they make me miss spring things like sunshine and walks in the esplanade park and dry asphalt and a million other things. not good. it's still -10 degrees outside.
3 the Klaus Haapaniemi x Rosa Liksom Monsters book that I wanted to buy last spring but then I ran out of money and then the shop ran out of the books. I found it in the library today. it's filled with illustrations.
4 a delicious home made prosciutto pizza with mini tomatoes, rocket and parmesan. definitely not fat free, just the way it's supposed to be.


  1. the prosciutto pizza looks deeelicious. i´ve done same kind. i just make bluecheese- mozzarella base, smash the tomatoes and add garlic & olive oil. voila!

    oh and have you ever dined at the carlito´s? they make super tasty pizzas.

  2. your pizza sounds worth trying! I love the taste of garlic when it's used moderately but I just hate hate hate the smell of it the next morning....
    and no I haven't!! I want to go in every time I walk past cause I've heard such good things about the place but I'm never hungry at the right time:-DD have to try it though!
    I always thought I hated pizza but I actually love it, just not the normal kind. I just eat the home made gourmet kind, haha how snobby.

  3. omg pizza looks sooooooooooo good if only i ate proscuitto!
    and that origami spikeball is awesome..can you point me to the instructions?? I love origami too i still ahve all my instruction books that my aunts and uncles bought me when i was younger, actually just 2 days ago I made an origami pig for my boyfriend lol

  4. DENISE, I found the instructions here:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xhqY2p3kV1g
    it's actually really easy to make, it just takes some time! I want to learn how to make an origami pig it sounds so cute!!

  5. I want to make a spike ball to. I'll google it.
    Origami fascinates me haha :)

    Btw, thank you so much for the post about my style! It's so sweet of you!