March 22, 2009

chuck and taylor went girly

I had a pair of red hi-top converse shoes that I got a few years ago. I think I wore them once or twice but they ended up forgotten because of their colour.
last year I just got this vision of them in baby pink, and yesterday was a good day to take some bleach and a lot of time to make some new shoes out of the old ones.

after a headache from the chlorine smell, about six hours and a broken washing machine, this is what I got. a pair of baby pink hi-top shoes that actually look brand new. 
bleach can do wonders I see!
I'm planning on taking these with me to paris, matching them with black and grey clothes. 

IMG_5043.jpg baby pink dreams picture by grkid

I was scared the shoes would get torn apart because of all the chlorine I needed and the time it took for the bright red canvas to decolorize, but now that they're dry they seem perfectly fit.

the only bad thing is that the washing machine broke....


  1. they come out fine.i just bought my boy similar ones because i love the babypink ones.