March 27, 2009

blue bright blue

white wine is heavenly. I'm a big fan of wood ridge fruity lexia, a south australian wine of course. it is rather sweet and oddly enough many other people think it's too sweet. 
ehhh try the jacob's creek chardonnay semillon then.

I went window shopping today after a gorgeous brunch at ekberg with three gorgeous friends. I saw this girl, this girl with long blonde hair and bangs standing at the tram stop, she was all clad in black and wore these amazing leggings with cuts on the sides and black raybans, and KLING the tram came and KLING she was gone. like a black and blonde ghost that still kind of haunts my mind.

anyway. I saw this hideous bright blue suede skirt, probably a size 48 or something, totally terrible. the leather still haunts my mind though (lots of things haunting my mind lately), it was the same blue the perfect nicholas kirkwood heels are, and I can see the leather as a giant clutch.
it's probably not worth the 23 euros after all, but I suppose I'll have to go and get it next week.

a bigbigbig bright blue clutch would look good in the summer with a bit of a tan and all black clothes. 
 BQcDAAAAAwoDanBnAAAABC5vdXQKFjNKV3R.jpg picture by grkid

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  1. Wow, that ghost sounds cool!

  2. a: hahaha, she was a cool ghost indeed, probably the coolest I'll ever see!