March 18, 2009


IMG_5021.jpg picture by grkid

IMG_5034-1.jpg luvluv picture by grkid

today was filled with ed energy drink, 
macarons from frambois
and the plaid shirt by these glory days.

I just watched the season finale of the city, and I'm so damn disappointed. it was too scripted and too forced and it just pisses me off how the good girls shut up about the bad ones who just walk all over them, yet the bad ones always get the prize. so wrong.

the macarons were heavenly though, I very strongly recommend that cute little bakery in the WTC building in helsinki.


  1. Looks delicious and beautiful!

  2. ooh the plaid shirt is just righ! and I have to try that macaroons place out..lately my friend has been making them for parties which is too good.

  3. love the shirt where did you find it?

  4. lisa, it's from carlings! che-che-che-check it out, they might still have them.