October 1, 2009


I want an orange lipstick. the only lipsticks I have are pink or coral, and they don't suit me. the problem is that I can't find the perfect shade. I've looked through lots of shops and also the Internet, but I can't seem to find the right one. 

here's a questionnaire thing denise tagged me to do

what is your current obsession?
this one boy I saw at work a couple of times this summer...... I've never been one to obsess over a guy so it scares me that that's what I've been doing ever since I first saw him. not in a scary stalker-like way though, I'm just a nice, quiet fan of his. haha.
what is your horoscope and how do you relate?
I'm a cancer. I didn't know how we were supposed to be so I did a little bit of googling; "a sensitive, moody person. often builds a hard shell on top of her sensitive and emotional inside. usually hold memories dear to them. calm and trustworthy, lovable. has a vivid imagination, intensely romantic. can be cruel, cynical and overly possessive."
haha, sounds like me.
what are you wearing today?
a new black knitted dress with a hood that I think I'll return to the store (left the tags on, how wise!), tights and those rizzo jodhpur boots I love. in addition, a black leather bag.  I wore a black cape outside. it's getting damn cold. 
what's for dinner?
salmon soup! ahhh I love it--for those who aren't familiar with this type of traditional Finnish food, it's a creamy soup with potatoes, dill, pepper and salmon chunks. been craving it for weeks and I finally made some!
what's your favorite decade, fashion wise?
I have to say I'm not particularly fond of any specific period or decade in the history, fashion-wise or any other. there are good things in every decade, I'm sure, but right now is just fine for me. 
what are your must haves for summer?
garment-wise; dresses, sunglasses, sandals, little leather bags, big necklaces. +++ shades of orange and coral combined with black, long hair, long nights, a relaxed feeling and fresh berries and fruits. 
what would you love to be able to afford?
the knitted wham dress from acne +  a surprise trip to australia to say hey to all the friends down there. it's been a year since I left that place and I miss everything about it.
what is your favourite piece of clothing from your own wardrobe?
a well-cut black dress from Zara. sounds boring, but goes with anything from school to partying.
what is your dream job?
I really wish I knew. I think I'd like to be an architect, but my dream job changes according to my moods. I'd like it to have something to do with design though. in the past I've wanted to be a graphic designer or an art director. and oh yes, when I was little I wanted to become a hairdresser because my hairdresser had super long nails I was jealous of. 
what is your favourite magazine?
I most enjoy reading russh and  trendi, but also like FR/AUS vogue, UK elle, pig, oyster.
what do you consider a fashion faux pas?
UGG boots, leggings as pants.  in addition, kitten heels, just like denise wrote. today I saw this chick in my school wearing a mid calf-long floral skirt, a blue denim jacket and baby pink kitten heels made of satin..........need I say more??
describe your personal style?
lots of black, white and grey plus lots of big necklaces. graphic shapes and cuts. classic with a little twist.
which beatle is your favourite?
definitely not Paul. I don't know much about Ringo and George, so I reckon I'll have to answer John. 
what are you proud of?
I'm proud of how well I did in my final exams, I think I deserve some very good parties this weekend!

photo from freshfishh, originally from dazed digital.


  1. woah, I could sign maaany of those answers!

    and congrats!! super to hear that you did so great in your final exams!

  2. i love your answers! i was also tagged by denise, but i've been so bad and haven't gone around to it yet. tsk tsk.

    i also love the photo you posted of the model with the lipstick and minimalistic piece. pure beauty.