October 10, 2009


after this past week I can finally say I know exactly what I want from life. I've never felt this way before and I must say it feels pretty damn good! 
so I went to visit the helsinki  university of technology today, mainly to see what the architecture division has to offer. after I talked to the tutors, listened to a few presentations and, mostly, saw the spaces the students do their work in (uh huh amazing, all white spaces, cute people, awesome work...I just wanted to go and do the same thing) I knew there's nothing in the world I'd rather do. 
now I've just got some crazy ass advance assignments to do and send off; if I manage to make good ones then I'll have to do tests both in mathematics AND drawing&design..... it's gonna be a tough spring! 

now I'm off to Greece for a relaxing weekend with some friends, so long!
some pretty amazing origami architecture, I want to learn how to make paper art! image source unknown


  1. i seriously LOVE that paper architecture. you love architecture and i love paper. how awesome. good luck on your new adventures!! oh and on those tests!!! oh and have a great trip to greece so lucky! can't wait to see pics :D

  2. That´s like the best feeling in the world -- getting future plans clear!

    I´ve also done some "plans" for my future... wish they will come true some day