October 27, 2009

rinne niinikoski for marimekko f/w 2010

Colette neule
so last week petra told me the rinne niinikoski for marimekko collection had hit the stores. I had to see the clothes with my own eye as marimekko apparently isn't big on giving product information on their website...

the knitwear the Finnish designer duo had designed for the traditional Finnish brand marimekko actually surprised me. there were several gorgeous knit dresses I'd buy immediately. the prices are high though; the products are 100% merino wool. I went through every single page I found but I couldn't find a single photo of the colorful scarves and beanies and gloves there were, but trust me. if you live in Finland and enjoy design, go take a quick spin through marimekko. it's worth it.

marimekko is trying to revamp the company's image (which is rather worn out and old, check out this shirt) and is therefore hiring new people to design for them (and showing next spring's looks to Danish bloggers like the girls at anywho). it's fine by me, at least the rinne niinikoski collection looks better than any marimekko products ever! 
their advertising is a thing I'd have something to say about though...


  1. i looove that first black and white graphic sweater!! too bad you can't get marimeko in hk ):

  2. oh me too! I tried it on and it didn't look very good though, I guess it just wasn't the right model for me...
    you should come to Finland and buy all the marimekko you want!:-))

  3. wow, i love the first dress and the last one. Very bold.