November 30, 2009

square head

yet again a big necklace....... I never seem to get enough of them. after I saw this one in the Finnish Trendi magazine I knew I had to get it. materialism at the purest. I don't care.

IMG_6734.jpg picture by grkid


  1. yay! i have the same necklace, i adore it! its quirky in a good way

    hm has pretty good necklaces these days..

  2. amazing! where is it from??

  3. ria, I adore it too! I got it last week and have worn it three times already. love the colours combined with my black clothing:-))

    the divinitus, yeah. you're one statement as it is though, I adore your style!

    denise, sorry, forgot to mention. it's h&m so you'll probably get your hands on it in hk too;-)))