November 20, 2009

en värld utan män

dolce&gabbana face wedges.
I've completely fallen for chunky black suede wedges that are everywhere right now but these shoes are something beyond that. there's something very picasso-esque in them and no matter how many people say they dislike them I have to admit I find them oddly compelling and wish they could be a part of my wardrobe.


  1. haha everytime i see these i crack up. they're so ridiculous that they're so amazing. if i had like $2000 to spare i'd buy them just to keep haehae

  2. those shoes are amazing. i neeeed them!

  3. denise, I really want the shoes! they're so weird (the cdg toe shoes are even weirder though) yet a w e s o m e. and I love the colours. they'd suit my otherwise dull and black wardrobe.

    folktime, I agree. I just wish I had some extra cash to spend on shoes....

  4. the shoes are amazing. like a piece of surrealist art! an investment so to say