November 16, 2009


I've been going crazy over all kinds of necklaces. I don't really wear necklaces too often but I do find a good necklace an easy way to make a plain outfit more interesting. 

necklaces and earrings with cross charms have been all over the internet this autumn. a cross is not a symbol of belief or religion for me but somehow I seem to have fallen hard for the trend... so far I haven't had the courage to actually get a multi-cross necklace, but the alex&chloe necklace below is gorgeous! maybe I should make my own version with plus signs or something?

ALEXNECKLACES01.jpg picture by grkid
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  1. i looooooooooooove the triangle one. so simple and amazing. i have a couple of cross necklaces already but im still planning on making more soon. also that branch necklace..i got one almost exactly the same from men's H&M recently..maybe like 3 months ago so not sure if they have it anymore but i swear its almost identical

  2. I saw that h&m antler necklace in the summer but for some reason didn't get it. wasn't it an oxidized colour, not just a plain silver one? yahaaa gotta go check out the local h&m, they might still have some in stock...