March 26, 2010

it felt so crystal in the air

vrmelodi.jpg picture by grkid

//sweater monki pants weekday bracelet kabiri wedges s2a

I've been incredibly busy for the past month trying to study for my final exams plus I've stressed over some preliminary exercises for uni architecture so it's practically been hell. the final exam part is totally done now though so this weekend I'm just enjoying the freedom, enjoying that despite the architecture exercises I still haven't started to do I get to do whatever I want now. it feels so good to finally breathe.
I'm also off to Stockholm on Sunday, I'll be back!


  1. i am mad over those pants!

    congrats! enjoy your freedom now and have a great trip to stockholm!

  2. Ria, too bad I didn't see ANY at the Götgatan Weekday yesterday! I wanted to at least try on those pants but they didn't have them. Let's hope they'll sell them at the Helsinki Weekday when it opens eh? ;-)

  3. Thanks for your query about Drown - Alegorie ships worldwide so they'll all be available wherever you live! xo