March 31, 2010

bye bye boat

Stockholm was a great mini vacation, now I'm back in Helsinki again stressing over architecture assignments. I never thought getting to finally do something I truly liked would be this difficult. 
the only thing I bought in Stockholm apart from a black American Apparel beanie:

IMG_8472-1.jpg picture by grkid
Scorett's rip offs of the Acne Pistol Short boots.... they only cost about a quarter of the real deal. of course the Acne ones look better and are probably of a much better quality, but they would have kind of blown my budget. 


  1. Sorry I forgot to answer your other question - the earrings are proper studs for pierced ears, although if you needed clip ons I could do some investigating and see if I could do them that way!

    Freaking love these boots. Are they available to buy online at all? xo

  2. Thanks for your response! Shame they don't have an online store - all the best stores don't!

    The earrings are pretty lightweight considering their size. I have super sensitive ears and can wear them comfortably for up to about 6 hours before I feel like I need to take them off. If you're less sensitive you could easily wear them all day. They come with a balancer backing so they're supported on your earlobe for comfort!


  3. COOOOOL. i love them, they look like really comfy everyday boots!!!

  4. Hi! who makes these? are the available in the US?

  5. hello shell,
    I bought these shoes at scorett in stockholm in march 2010. similar styles are available here in the north at shops like nilson, rizzo and gardenia, but I don't know about the US market.