March 4, 2010

it's a pool of boiling wax

IMG_7719-1.jpg picture by grkid

I got my Acne Quartz SB wallet yesterday after a long consideration. I'm happy I hesitated for such a long time though because I actually saved over thirty-five euros by buying the wallet in a Finnish shop instead of the Acne online store. it turns out, the prices in the Acne online store are actually way higher for other countries than Sweden. unfair I say. 
the wallet is perfect, but it is actually quite small! I thought it would be bigger but my passport only just fits inside. that's a good thing though, I finally have to throw some receipts and useless cards out now....

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  1. awwww lucky. ive been eyeing that wallet for ages. so sad they don't sell ACNE in hong kong ):