April 4, 2009

nights in white satin

it looks as though the spring is getting everyone out of their shells. I've seen so many familiar faces in town this week that I almost lost track of who I really know and who I don't. following people's everyday life on the Internet is savage. 
I've noticed a change in myself and my moods. waking up to the blackbirds' tunes is luxury. walking on the street without slipping is luxury. sunlight is luxury. long live the four seasons.

I thought I hated spring but I don't after all. how could I even? 

IMG_5073.jpg picture by grkid
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IMG_5079.jpg hole in the head picture by grkid
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IMG_5092.jpg braids picture by grkid
lego pirate necklace from australia, lipstick make up store, braided headband gina tricot

hullut päivät, stockmann's sale days, were on as well this week. the only things I got from there were the gorgeous prawn caesar salad they make, a box of brunbergin suukot as a gift to a friend and a pair of underwear. the number of people in the department store was a bit too much for me.

now I'm off to pamper myself: some face masks, asparagus and fresh tuna, movies, sauna and music by the moody blues


  1. tou mustikkalemon-naamio kuulostaa lupaavalta + söpö legoukkeli mullakin on tollanen jossain hmm...

    ps. kiitos ihanasta kommentistasi!

  2. I want that lipstick solely because og the name, perfect!