June 30, 2009

corrupt without being charming

I promised a glimpse of the little sewing project a while back, so here we go.

IMG_5858.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5862.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5861.jpg picture by grkid

it's a stupid little bag that was meant to resemble a football (got the idea from this bless football bag) but the fake leather I used was a little too thick.
I know the outcome would have been totally different and better had I used actual leather, thin black suede for example, but I'm happy with the thing anyway. the only problem is that it looks stupid empty and that nothing really fits in there....but never mind that.

I'm off to spending my 19th birthday right now ++ will be back with photos of some beautiful things I pampered myself with earlier today :-)))


  1. Woah! That´s tres cool, great job!

    And have a happy birthday! :=)

  2. oh wow, that is cool! I think it looks like a fun bag!


  3. That's so awesomeeeee I have to try it out!! And the bless one is love too, my friend has it!