June 15, 2009

sticky honey

IMG_5828.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_5831.jpg picture by grkid

01 my cravings list from a couple of days ago that you probably can't even read
02 I can now strike through the wedge sandal part of the list  

(I already regret having spent money on such a plastic pair of shoes. they're not going to look good for long. everyone has them. not to mention the fact I don't need heels as I never wear them. ahhhh shit. but I have excuses---they were on sale. and I was in the money and hadn't bought anything for over a week (!!!) and in addition they had my size. so I went for it. )

ps the sewing project is now completed. it's just a pain in the ass to photograph. I'll try again tomorrow if the weather (----> light) is better.


  1. your handwriting is beautiful

    and the shoes. people have them, yes, but they are often not worn as chic as they should and that's what makes them more special. there's enough excuses, now be a proud owner!

    ps. i like your blog

  2. I have them too =( and they are destroyed which pisses me off..but I love them too much I'm going to get cobbler to actually change the soles and stuff.