June 6, 2009

leave me in the midnight sun

I'm posting this page from russh australia nov/dec08 again because...

1 it's the most inspiring magazine ever made
2 if you ever get your hands on this precious publication, hold on tight
3 I don't have a scanner right now so I can't give you any new pages
4 it's got grey, black and peach - can one ever go wrong with that threesome?
5 I'm craving to read the new russh issue right now
6 the rodarte tights, no matter how copied, are just great
+++ that orange lipstick!

Russhnovdec0804.jpg russh nov/dec08-04 picture by grkid

this past week I found a great customer service person in myself, walked barefoot on the wet streets, fought with my father and spent some great days not trying to impress anyone but just being my very own self. 
walking in town criticizing everyone and everything,
laughing at stupid things and stupid salesmen at diesel
wondering who to vote on the european parliament election
finding the perfect leather jacket but not affording it
then borrowing money and living in debt and making stupid pacts with myself
polishing the old fragile second hand jacket with some beeswax shit
planning to wake up early and heading to the flea market
ending up sleeping in and falling asleep on the floor
choosing the biggest burgers on the restaurant menu and feeling sick
eating again after a few hours
laughing at my dad whose feelings got hurt when a pigeon turned their back on him

that's what the past two days have been about.


  1. <3rakkautta, visuaalisesti niin mielenkiintoisia vaatteita

  2. hqnna, niinpä. kelpuuttaisin minkä vaan noista vaatekappaleista kaappiini. mmmmm nam.

  3. RUSSH is simply amazing.