June 1, 2009

goodbye my lover

this morning I walked to my hairdresser's in the hot hot heat that's been pampering us finns for the last few days. I walked there my long hair open and flowy. and hour and some minutes later I left the place almost crying, with hair that barely touches my shoulders. 
I've spent the last few hours googling efficient ways to grow your hair. 
bah life goes on and hair will eventually grow long. probably.
Black Denim Jacket                    Black Long Dress

+++ random question thing I stole from malia
shoes flats, wedges, bright colours and black sneakers baby pink chuck taylors 
jeans acne tees h&m, jc, monki, resteröds undies mostly h&m bag self-made ones, zara, second hand wallet brown leather sportsgirl sunnies second hand + a dozen cheap wayfarer
&clubmaster knockoffs watch don't have one jewelry self-made+cheap crap TV no idea?
cellphone nokia n95 MP3 iPod computer macbook make up ysl, make up store, lancome, clinique, the body shop facial lotion some nivea young one deodorant a random but really efficient one toothpaste pepsodent whitening shampoo/conditioner paul mitchell tea tree shampoo, any random market conditioner soap any fragrance marc jacobs pear, diesel fuel for life mineral water san pellegrino but I'd rather go for the helsinki tap water wine any south aussie white drink mojito, caipirinha, pastis bread reissumies rye bread food asparagus, chevre, salmon in any form, pasta, salads ice cream sorbets, ingman totally black, chocolate chip mint (not ben&jerrys) candies any finnish ones + reese's peanut butter cups bed ikea 
sheets marimekko hairdresser an artificially tanned stubborn blonde on mariankatu 
newspaper helsingin sanomat magazine trendi, olivia, vogue paris, russh australia



  1. oh no, I FEEL YOU! i hope the frustration goes by quick, when it's one's hair it's like body being switched to someone elses.
    i think it's zink and vitamins that helps hair grow.. you should be able to find some hints on google

  2. petra, I KNOW! it's like suddenly I'm not the same person anymore. and when the change isn't volontary it ain't good...
    haha I googled and googled and the most efficient thing i found was a kind of biotine that's meant to be fed for animals. sounds freakyyy.

    ps I never know where to reply to comments, here or on your own blog comment box??

  3. hahhaha!!! that's so creapy!! then again, if it helps..

    I know, i have the same problem - i never know.. but this seems to work out fine :)

  4. haha to be honest I don't think I've got the courage to actually take those pills, apparently they make ALL of your hair grow like crazy.... gorilla woman to be!

  5. are those things legal!? hahah

  6. YESS they are, they sell them at the pharmacies....