September 20, 2009

all around these golden beacons I see nothing but black

redgoldblack.jpg picture by grkid
DRESS acne wham SHOES comme des garcons BAG sigerson morrison TIGHTS falke LIPSTICK make up store


  1. CdG shoes, that´s pure love! Who could resist those toes!

  2. lol those shoes always give me the creeps. i hate toes..which is probly why i love cover up my toes...but that BAG is amazing!! I love bucketbags!!

  3. Ria, those shoes drive me insane! I just don't think a DIY version would look nice and I'll never afford the real things...

    denise, I think they're super cool but then again they really creep me out!
    I HATE TOES aswell, I HATE HATE HATE them. my own too, but other people's are just disgusting. so why do those shoes look good then?
    and the bag is gorgeous. I like the pattern of the leather.