September 13, 2009

habitare '09

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I went to the habitare fair today and found quite a lot of inspiring things for home. didn't buy anything but got plenty of good ideas.

as you may see from the horrendous photo flow, I mostly took photographs of lamps and chairs; the two things I love looking at. the magis chair one in black (in the first photo) is an item I will surely purchase one day.

I'm looking for a cool lamp for my room and fell hard for the flat diamond-shaped lamps in the fourth photo. however the only lamp I seriously think about right now is the funny fish lamp which is probably a piece designed for children. I can't help but wonder what it would look like hanging from my ceiling though. 


  1. I think I´ve seen that 2nd chair somewhere ;)

    Thanks for posting! I couldn´t get there, too bad.

  2. Ria, the minute I saw it I thought of you and the post you did on that exact chair! love it.

  3. i just posted a pic of the geometric chairs from OnPedder, this store in Hk. Want one soooo bad!!!!!!!!!!

  4. denise, i feel ya! they're pretty great but cost a pretty great amount of moneeey as well:-((