September 7, 2009

kan du gå som han

IMG_6078.jpg picture by grkidIMG_6082.jpg picture by grkid

these babies finally came home today.
they'll be g r e a t with the whole wardrobe of mine, come rain, come shine --- with dresses, chunky scarves, cape-like coats, leather jackets.....
they just need a little bit of treatment and care before I take them out for a little walk. I've never taken really good care of my shoes, but these I intend to have for a long time.

life's been giving me sweet sweet strawberries instead of the famous lemons;
the autumn is mild and warm, the people are great, there are dozens of parties coming up, I do really well in school without even making an effort AND my dear friend from Australia is coming for a visit in december! I hope there's no end to this goodness.

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