September 27, 2009

paese che vai, usanza che trovi

photos above from afashiontale, I love that silver feather pendant. 

for the past few days I've been dreaming of a little autumn getaway to a European capital. Paris and Stockholm are the options, but I think I'll end up in Stockholm--it's closer to home and staying there would be a lot cheaper. now I just have to find someone to go with me...

I've been incredibly busy for the past few weeks because of my final exams. the hurry will be over tomorrow at around 3 PM or earlier when I finish my italian exam and hand it in.

now I'm off to study some irregular verbs and the italian congiuntivo, wish me luck!


  1. I could go with you! -- except that I´m sooo poor...

    But hey, best luck with the exams! I´ll keep my thumbs and toes up for you!

  2. Ria, I'M POOR TOO! so poor. I'm actually going to greece in a couple of weeks, kind of an abimatka, so it'll mainly focus on partying and drinking.... if I could skip it now I would but I think it's too late.
    I just feel like a getaway including some serious SHOPPING. let's go to stockholm!

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  4. good luck with your exam! i love that gilet, the pendant is beautiful but i think t wouldn't suit me.

  5. Me too, it's stunning! In fact the whole attire is perfect. x