December 5, 2009

complete and utter

I stumbled upon some photos of Alexa Chung on some blog and noticed the bag she's been toting around-- the Mulberry Alexa bag.

    alexaa-1.jpg picture by grkid
I've never fallen for an it-bag before and I don't like the Mulberry brand very much, but there is something about that bag that I absolutely adore. even though I don't like the iconic Bayswater lock at all.
I had to check the Mulberry website then, of course, and I found something that I loved even more.......
MULBERRYWALTER.jpg picture by grkid
the Mulberry Walter briefcase. I haven't ever thought about having a briefcase as an actual bag. I wonder why!? it'd be very practical for my pens and books and papers, and it even comes with a detachable shoulder strap like the Alexa. it's nearly perfect although I don't know if the handles are long enough for the bag to be carried like the Alexa one.

photos of alexa from google, walter briefcase mulberry.

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