December 18, 2009

my personality weakness is impatience

I've been working on this post for weeks now. it's fairly pathetic, I know, but I just couldn't figure out what it was that I wanted to wish for this Christmas. I don't really need any of this but I wouldn't call it useless junk either. so it finally came down to these five things.xmaslistt.jpg picture by grkid

1 Phaidon's Living in the New Millennium. a book that is surely interesting for anyone who likes beautiful homes and houses, not just the pathetic wannabe-architect that I am 
2 the latest issue of the Mark magazine, for the same reasons as the number one item of the list 
3 a subscription of the Finnish Trendi magazine because it's the only Finnish magazine I like and read every issue of 
4 Flora by Gucci because I want change in my fragrance. I've used the Diesel Fuel for Life since last December and I don't ever want to get tired of it 
5 lastly, Falke's soft merino tights in black, simply because I don't know if my thighs can take any more of this   -20 degree weather. the tights in the collage are the wrong ones, but you catch my drift.


  1. we share same weakness!! god, i´m like to most impatience person in the whole world! everything has to happen at the very moment. frustrating yes?

  2. Ria, oh yesss! it's odd because I do know how to be patient with some things but with other things I have a "kaikkimullehetinyt" attitude!
    the title actually came from a facebook test that was supposed to reveal everything about my personality just from analyzing my birthday, I guess it was accurate after all. scary.

  3. oh really? I need to take that test. do you happen to be a leo?

    but my filosofy for impatience: when u get that "kaikkimullehetinyt"-moment just think that waiting is actually pretty great. the good thing (which is worth waiting) is still ahead!
    I´m not Platon but that works for me.

    and happy xmas!!

  4. I'm a cancer, born in the summer that is:-))
    your philosophy is great! I always try to think positively when I know I will have to wait for some good things to happen, but it's not always easy....

    a very merry Christmas to you too!

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