December 27, 2009


jul2009_01.jpg picture by grkid
jul2009_02-1.jpg picture by grkid
I think Santa must have mistaken me for  a really good girl this Christmas because he brought me some very unexpected yet welcome things this year ++ I finally got the Falke tights I've featured in pretty much every single outfit collage I've ever made. 
the ring in the 3rd and 4th pictures is by Lotta Veromaa and I got it from a very very good friend. it's pretty awesome. I call it the Iceberg ring simply because it's such an iceberg-looking chunk on the finger. 
the best thing about Christmas weren't the presents though, it was the feeling and the people I got to spend the holidays with. oh how I love this time of the year. now I'm off to watch Inglourious Basterds with my daddy!


  1. such a great gifts! that ring is fabulous...and merino wool tights from falke, ohh!
    plus we have same necklaces -- again, ha ha!

  2. hahaha we always seem to buy the biggest h&m necklaces...that gold coloured one was a gift from myself:-DD when did h&m start making such awesome necklaces??

  3. you´re so right! h&m is a real surpriser!

  4. i love all this stuff! the cuff and ring especially. ♥

  5. oh. my. god. that ring is AMAZING. can you buy online??? if not then where??? anyway how much was it?? lol incase you didnt notice...i might be asking you to help me pick one up maybe hehahea

  6. Mez, thank youu!

    denise, I don't think you can buy it online anywhere, the designer isn't very well-known. it was 45 euros (apparently around 480 HKD) if I remember correctly and the only place I've seen it at was Helsinki10, this lifestyle store in Helsinki. I'm more than happy to pick one up for you if you want! just don't know how much it would cost to send it over?