January 1, 2010


new year's got a little bit out of control......in a good way though. new year's eves have been crappy for as long as I can remember but having an after party until 10 am, going in the sauna and rollin in the snow definitely wasn't. lots of cleaning up (as in wet towels everywhere and beer on the walls) to do tomorrow, right now I can't be bothered.

acnemenss10.jpg picture by grkid
+++ the hottest guy on Earth from the acne website. absolutely gorgeous. plus I want the sweater in the second pic of the first row and the tee in the first pic of the second row.


  1. woah that sounds like a party!! good to hear you had a great evening!

    I took my lesson from the last year so I spent the evening calmly... my nyes never goes well but this one turn out to be pretty nice!

  2. yeah a party it was! I hate hate hate nye's but this time it was actually good. they say that the way you spend your new year's is how the rest of the year is gonna go; a great year coming up for both of us I think!!

  3. wooo sounds like fun!!!! i do hope you have a great year and hopefully find a guy as hot as this acne model hahahaha <3

  4. denise I HOPE SO TOO!! it just seems like finland doesn't have any guys like that acne model............