January 22, 2010

shopping from the past week or so

first of all, let me say s o r r y for my recent absence. 
I had a very special visitor from Australia for the last five days and figured that the dear friend of mine who I hadn't seen in over a year should get my undivided attention. before her visit I went on a cruise to Stockholm and back with some friends and even had the chance to hit the Swedish sales which turned out to be quite a feast...

IMG_7081.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7080.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_7143.jpg picture by grkid
IMG_7145.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7154.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7165.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7269.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7283.jpg picture by grkidIMG_7279.jpg picture by grkid
1&2 Zara leather bag 3&4 American Apparel nail polish 5 Cheap Monday cube ring 6 Gina Tricot cross necklace 7 Monki stripe blazer 8&9 Acne pants from Urban Outfitters 

++ I got a new American Apparel ruched front bra, a black Monki dress, these Weekday wedges in patent and the world's most comfortable tank top tunics in both black and white. 
I think my sales shopping is done, and actually, I might be done shopping for quite a while. I need to figure out what I own and what I need before I buy any more junk.


  1. omg so jealous of your zara bag and that cheap monday cube ring!!!haha you went crazy shopping huh!

  2. denise, hahaha don't be jealous!! the zara bag was a really good purchase though, it fits more than I ever imagined and looks good with anything. maybe you'll find those bags in HK as well?

  3. Mullakin on toi cheap monday sormus! ;)

    Tosi siisti blogi sulla! envy!!