January 25, 2010

house of fire

7286201001417323751316_L.jpg picture by grkid7286201001417324022318_L.jpg picture by grkid

//my old wallet is old, worn out and breaking into pieces. I've looked for a new one since last spring but haven't found one that would have pleased me enough. of course now that I've spent all my money and am not shopping at all I find the perfect one.


  1. love this one...it's more like for the mega shopper that has 10 credit cards but lol it'll do!

  2. denise,
    I have SO many different cards in my wallet it's not even real! I don't think those slots would even be enough but well none of my cards are credit cards.... I just have my debit card and 1001 loyalty cards and insurance things and my ID!
    but yess I really want this wallet even if it meant I'd have no money to put in it after the purchase:-D

  3. Ah, your blog is perfect. Thank you.

  4. Does Not Equal, your comment just made my day. Thank YOU.