January 10, 2010


SURFACE2AIRBAGS.jpg picture by grkid
the small weekend bag & the usine bag

the story of me and the Surface to Air usine bag started just before Christmas when I saw the bag in real life for the first time at Helsinki10. I fell for it --hard--but simply didn't have the 370 euros I would have needed to purchase the bag.
right after Christmas I went to Helsinki10 again and the bag was on sale; 260€. I went on the Surface to Air online store too, and the bag was discounted there as well. the only little problem is that I'm now battling between the two options shown above: the small weekend bag and the usine bag. what do you think?? 
the small weekend bag is smaller and more feminine and seems very appropriate for everyday use whereas the usine is bulkier and bigger and more unisex. I seriously don't know which one attracts me more but the usine would be available in Helsinki--I wouldn't have to order online.
 oh oh oh the difficulty of these kinds of decisions. maybe I shouldn't buy a new bag at all.

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