April 25, 2009

seven chains and a pink pony

I used to think that Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen were the two most overrated women in the whole fashion industry. my mind changed when I saw the commercial for their collection, the row, styled by Vanessa Traina.
the next step to fully accepting those two blondes was their book influence which happens to be the number one book in my need-to-have list. and now that I saw the following photos of their line called elizabeth&james, there's no doubt about it. those girls are here to stay, they are influential and aspirational,
and I love the simplicity of these clothes and the black and white and the blazers and tanks and the buns of hair.

elizabethandjames01.jpg picture by grkid
elizabethandjames2.jpg picture by grkid
elizabethandjames5.jpg picture by grkid

it's exactly what I need for the long summer that's ahead.
photos from here

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  1. oh, that turqouse and white shorts. Me want!